Octopus CRM vs. AimFox

Looking for an Octopus CRM Alternative?

Choosing the right LinkedIn automation software for your business is a game-changer. We get that getting more leads equals more opportunities & closed deals. However, your prospecting experience shouldn’t start and end there - every step of it should be seamless, time-saving, and affordable, and that’s where AimFox steps in.

If you’re ready to try out the newest lead-gen on LinkedIn you can get started right away with our 14-day Free Trial. If you’d like to see how AimFox compares to Octopus CRM scroll down to learn what we’re all about!

Octopus CRM vs. AimFox: Summary

Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automation software designed for business owners, recruiters, and marketers. It allows you to send automated messages, connection requests, import and export data, send follow-ups, and create sales funnels on LinkedIn. But it’s a Chrome extension, which means it has certain limitations.

AimFox comes in as a fresh, new alternative to LinkedIn outreach automation & lead management. Besides delivering the same core functionalities as Octopus CRM, our solution is focused on providing an intuitive and user-friendly workspace, which is meant to bring organization & effectiveness into everyday prospecting processes. Not to mention that AimFox is completely Cloud-based, which means that you can easily access the dashboard from any device.

Octopus CRM vs. AimFox: Features Breakdown

We’ve taken the time and tested out Octopus CRM so you don’t have to.

Standard Plan Cost



Free trial




Advanced analytics

Automated Connection Requests

Automated Sequence Messages

Automated Sequence Engagement

Automated Email Outreach

Multi-Channel Outreach

In-App Search


Zapier integration

24/7 Customer Support

Why Choose AimFox Over Octopus CRM?

AimFox keeps things simple, effortless, and efficient. You don’t need to download anything, and you don’t need to pay more to access our more advanced features. Everything you could need - from an in-app search system and unlimited campaigns to time zone optimization and analytics - is available in one place, within our easy-to-navigate dashboard. And you can access it for only $39 per month.

No Tiered Pricing Or Restricted Features

Octopus CRM has a basic plan known as Starter that would cost you $10/mo. That’s just their cheapest offer, though. In order to unlock their full automation potential, you would have to pay $40/mo. On the other hand, AimFox gives you everything straight away for only $39 a month. Not to mention that you won’t be getting limited functionalities if you don’t own LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite. You can access all of AimFox features even with your “basic” LinkedIn account.

Chrome Extensions Aren’t Safe

LinkedIn has very strict anti-extension policies. Why risk it with a solution that could potentially lead to your account getting banned when there’s a 100% safe alternative available? AimFox is Cloud-based, accessible from any device, and powered by an advanced AI that mimics human behavior perfectly. And that means we won’t put your account at risk while giving you everything necessary to run effective lead-gen campaigns on LinkedIn.

Quick & Simple setup

AimFox is a completely Cloud-based software. There are no downloads or browser extensions - nothing that would slow you down, or require you to leave your devices turned on. After a 5-minute signup, you can create your first campaign within an hour!

Fully Integrated and Supported in Real-time

AimFox’s built-in search system and inbox let you set up, launch, and monitor new LinkedIn campaigns straight from the dashboard. There’s no limit to how many outreach campaigns you can run, no need for a paid LinkedIn account - and no constant switching between LinkedIn and our tool.

Higher Response & Acceptance Rates

Features like personalized InMail messages and notes, coupled with advanced time zone optimization, reply detection & integration with 3,000+ tools through Zapier will help you optimize your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re in it to help you find the right LinkedIn leads and not waste your time. With AimFox, setup takes no more than 5 minutes – and all you need is a LinkedIn account.

No! We’ve made sure that you can benefit from AimFox’s advanced features and functionalities even if you’re a “basic” LinkedIn user.

AimFox is a Cloud-based automation tool, meaning you don’t need to keep your browser open and be logged in to your LinkedIn account. That saves time in the long run – and protects your account from getting banned.

Ready to give AimFox a try?

A robust set of core functionalities, affordable, all-in-one pricing plan, advanced prospecting and management features, paired with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard - AimFox is clearly the superior choice for automating prospecting and lead management on LinkedIn.

Ready to launch your first campaign and crush your LinkedIn outreach game? Give AimFox a try and sign up for your 14-day Free Trial!