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Unify and Simplify your LinkedIn interactions

Get all your communications to the same destination - your inbox. Manage all your LinkedIn communications effortlessly. Tag, note, and engage from one unified inbox designed for clarity and productivity.

Unify and Simplify your LinkedIn interactions

Your Communication Hub

Centralize Your Conversations

With Aimfox Inbox, all your LinkedIn messages converge into a single, organized space. There is no need to switch tabs and miss important interactions. Our intuitive interface makes tracking conversations simple, allowing you to focus on building relationships rather than managing them.

Personalize Your

Personalization is key to recognition when establishing new connections on LinkedIn. Tagging connections and leaving notes directly in your inbox helps you uniquely tailor each interaction, build stronger professional relationships, and improve engagement. Also, tagging and leaving notes will be crucial in delegating different tasks to your teammates and working together effortlessly.

Efficient Management Tools

Efficiency at your fingertips: Use the search feature to find past interactions, notes, or tagged conversations quickly. Aimfox Inbox ensures that no detail is too small to be overlooked, empowering you to manage your network effectively.

Collaboration Leaves No Room for Frustration

With the Multi-user feature, you can seamlessly enhance team collaboration. Share your Inbox with teammates to streamline communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. Efficiently manage conversations and maintain a unified approach to LinkedIn networking. With Aimfox, teamwork is not an option; it’s a solution.

Ready to Game-change Your Networking?

Organize, personalize, and accelerate your communications like never before - all in one place. Aimfox makes networking simple and effective, so you never miss an opportunity again.

The best hand to win the game

These features will give you the feeling of having the best cards in your hand, so you can turn your LinkedIn Networking game to work in your favor and win every time.

Real-time LinkedIn messages

Receive and send LinkedIn messages instantly through Aimfox. Stay connected and responsive with real-time updates directly in your inbox without ever leaving the Aimfox app.

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Organize your contacts by tagging, adding personal notes to profiles, and using advanced search to navigate your network. Leave not a single conversation or task idle.

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Detailed profile view

Access LinkedIn profile details in one click. Gain insights and context before you reach out or follow up, and plan a perfect conversation starter that yields an answer.

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