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The most comprehensive LinkedIn automation tool

Reach a wider audience with the most powerful LinkedIn automation tool. AimFox is made for sales, marketing, HR teams and everyone else who wishes to make automated LinkedIn connections.

  • One Minute Setup
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Campaigns
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Automated linkedin outreach software

Get more leads
with the best LinkedIn automation software

Create winning campaigns for various audiences. Choose when to engage with potential leads. Communicate with new leads through built-In messenger. Improve campaigns based on performance analytics.

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Automatic Optimisation

Our AI is the most advanced in the industry. It automatically optimizes all campaigns for the best performance.

Intuitive Dashboard

No need for tutorials and webinars. LinkedIn automation has never been simpler. Give it a try and see for yourself!


No browser extensions, no installations. Access AimFox anytime, anywhere, even if you work from a space station.

100% Risk-free

AimFox is 100% safe to use! Our AI emulates human behaviour; therefore, LinkedIn will not raise any red flags.


Find the right people using smart filters

Pinpoint your ideal target audience and segment it through keywords, industries, locations, and even past and current companies. Streamline your automation and find new LinkedIn leads with ease!

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Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation made simple and powerful

Generate leads and create personalized message sequences for target audiences using our automated LinkedIn messaging feature. Make custom InMail messages and personalized connection requests.

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Sequence Campaigns for Automated LinkedIn messaging

Engage with both newly acquired leads and existing connections. There are no limitations - create as many campaigns and follow-up messages as you wish.

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AimFox is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools that does automated LinkedIn messaging

Automated LinkedIn Connections delivered right to your dashboard

View all connections in one place. Sort them by campaigns, industries and keywords. Leads dashboard offers extensive personalisation. Make notes, create tags and manage lead status.

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Unbeatably priced

We like to keep things simple. Our plan comes with a 7-day free trial as a standard. There are no extra costs, just a flat fee per every LinkedIn account that you add, with all the features unlocked.

Other Services

$200+/month per account

  • No Trial Period
  • Onboarding That Takes Forever
  • Confusing Interface
  • Limited Campaigns
  • More Than Double The Price Per Account
  • Not An All-in-One Solution
  • You Have To Perform Searches On LinkedIn

Limited Time Offer

$99/month per account

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • One Minute Setup
  • Built-in LinkedIn Search
  • Built-in Chat
  • Contacts Tab With Custom Leads Tagging
  • Free InMails For Open Profiles
  • Create Custom Templates
  • Personalized Messages With Sequences

Powerful features

AimFox is packed with powerful features that will allow you to do LinkedIn automation effortlessly and efficiently.

Generate hot leads and engage with existing connections with personlised message sequences.

Define target audience using keywords, industries, locations and companies.

Our A.I. emulates human behaviour. LinkedIn will not raise any red flags.

Chat with your newly acquired leads straight from your AimFox dashboard.

Campaigns are automatically optimized for the best performance.

Track profile views, new invites, replies, new leads and much more.

With AimFox, you don't have to keep your computer running 24/7.

Experience all the premium features entirely for free and without any commitments!

AimFox substitutes all LinkedIn outreach tools. Save time by managing LinkedIn connections in one place.

Add as many LinkedIn accounts as you wish for a flat price per account.


Start making valuable LinkedIn connections today!

AimFox is perfect for marketing and recruitment agencies, HR departments, and anyone looking for new LinkedIn connections. Our LinkedIn automation tool works wonders for anyone who wishes to make automated LinkedIn messaging and automated outreach.

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newly generated LinkedIn leads made using AimFox, the automated linkedin outreach software
newly generated LinkedIn leads made using AimFox, the automated linkedin outreach tool

Frequently asked questions

In case you have further questions - you can always reach our team using our
online chat or write to us. Please don't be shy, we are a lovely bunch.

Nope! We are better than that! Unlike other services out there, you do not need to have a Premium LinkedIn account to benefit from AimFox's functionality, making us the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution available. You can send automatic InMail messages using AimFox even if you're a "basic" LinkedIn user.

Creating an account with AimFox takes no more than a minute. Start making valuable connections today!

Here at AimFox, we like to make things easy for everyone, and therefore, if you need to add more accounts to AimFox, you can do so at any point. While most of our customers are single account users, there is no limit on how many accounts you can add! Every new account that you add will cost a flat monthly premium rate which is fantastic for recruiting and marketing agencies as well as HR and Sales teams.

Conversion depends on many factors, such as how accurately you have identified your targeted audience and the quality of your custom InMail messages and connection requests. The overall appeal of your LinkedIn account has to be taken into consideration too. While we can guarantee to deliver your messages to the audiences of your choice, we can't ensure any specific number of connections, leads, and customers since everyone uses AimFox for different business needs. You can try AimFox for 7-days. It is free and there are no obligations!

Sure thing! You get a 7-Day Free Trial, and sign up takes no more than a minute. Start building new connections on LinkedIn right away, and in case you need any help - we are always here and ready to assist you. After your trial period - the account will automatically switch to the paid plan you selected at checkout. You will be able to cancel the 7-day trial at any point through the AimFox dashboard.

You don't need anything else to use our service other than your LinkedIn account. Moreover, you do not have to have a LinkedIn premium account to benefit fully from all the features. Creating an account with AimFox takes no more than a minute. Start making valuable connections today!