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Please review the Privacy Policy of AimFox and what it means to you as a website visitor and/or user of our services prior to consenting.

Added: 12 June 2021
Last Updated: 14 June 2021


AimFox’s privacy policy gives you a complete, wholesome overview of the information AimFox Technologies Ltd provides and collects, how AimFox Technologies Ltd collects this information, how AimFox Technologies treats and uses this information, and what choices are available to you - the user of services provided.

The privacy policy hereunder complies to the EU 2016/678 GDPR act as implemented in May 2018. Hereby appointed as data protection officer / data controller for AimFox Technologies Ltd is hereby named as ‘Thomas Cohen’ and is reachable at tom[a-t]AimFox[dot]com

“AimFox Technologies”, “AimFox”, “we”, “our”, “us”, are used explicitly in this privacy policy in reference to AimFox, the Company providing social media agency services as listed on our website. “Services” hereby after refers to the actions AimFox, it’s account managers, and it’s tool undertake on behalf of you and the management of your social media accounts.

By using the Services rendered, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy as outlined on these two respective pages.

The privacy policy hereunder complies to the EU 2016/678 GDPR act as implemented in May 2018. Hereby appointed as data protection officer / data controller for AimFox Technologies Ltd is hereby named as ‘Thomas Cohen’ and is reachable at tom[a-t]AimFox[dot]com to govern the use and access of our Social media services (hereby referred to as "Services"). Please read these Terms of service carefully before using AimFox.

Data Collection

AimFox collects Data of which explicitly refers to Personal Data, Cookies, Email Address, Usage Data, First Name, Last Name, Country, Billing Agreement Information. Said data is collected by AimFox and/or its subsidiaries, its affiliates, and other relevant third parties unnamed in this Privacy Policy.

All data collected and processed by this Website is deemed necessary unless otherwise stated and opted out by the Site User. Unless otherwise stated, users communicate Usage Data and Personal data to the website upon use of the website.

Please contact the Data Controller if you wish to know how your data is handled.

Cookies and other relevant tracking information are collected for the sole purpose of providing a better usage experience, of which also includes providing personalized offerings such as discounts, lifetime deals, and in-app purchases.

Customer Data

All information provided by users who register to AimFox for either a free-trial, subscription, use of a tool on this Website, are submitted freely and with the consent of the user to the Website and the Company. Such information is hereby referred to as Customer Data. Customer Data is used by the Company for the following purposes:

  • To improve services rendered
  • To maintain consistent results and improvements for the customer
  • To retain billing information and billing service agreement creation and maintenance
  • Miscellaneous usage to improve customer experience and satisfaction

Website Visitor Data

Website visitor data is used for advertising purposes. Website visitor data is committed by the user and collected under the explicit consent of the website visitor. This data is not shared with any third parties of AimFox Technologies Ltd. This data may be used by subsidiary companies of AimFox Technologies Ltd. Data is anonymized.

Data Processing Techniques

AimFox Technologies ensures that unauthorized access is prevented at all costs. Unauthorized access and unauthorized destruction is prevented by security measures undertaken by the Company.

Data processing is carried out programmatically through the use of cloud-hosted commuting. Data processed may be visible to privileged employees, such as support staff and/or the data controller. External parties do not data process with the exception of marketing platforms such as Google and/or Facebook, where data is submitted for hashing and anonymization and then used in marketing campaigns to offer special deals and/or discounts to the end user.

Legal Information In Lieu of Data Processing Procedures

AimFox processes all types of Personal Data of the User in certain circumstances:

  • Users have given their assent for one or more specific reasons. Note: Under some regulations the Data Controller may be permitted to exercise Personal Data until the User objects to it (“opt-out”), without having to depend on consent or any other of the following legal bases. This, however, does not apply, when the processing of Personal Data is subject to European data protection law;
  • Data processing is required for the performance of an agreement with the User and/or for any pre-contractual obligations;
  • Data processing is connected to a task that is carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority entrusted to the Data Controller;
  • Data processing is needed for conformity with a legal commitment to which the Data Controller is subject;
  • Data processing is related to a function that is done in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority entrusted to the Data Controller
  • Data processing is required for the reasons of the legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller or by a third party.

AimFox and its Data Protection Officer can and will be happy to explain the specific legal basis that applies to the above processing, and particularly whether the providing of Personal Data is a statutory or contractual necessity, or a requirement for entering into a contract.

Data Processing Location

Data is processed at the Data Controller's operational offices and in any other locations where the sides involved in the processing are situated. Subject to the User's location, conveying of data could require transferring the User's Data to a location other than their own. To know more about processing of such transferred Data, Users can exemine the segment about processing Personal Data.

If more extensive protection standards are relevant, Users are also allowed to learn about the legal basis of Data transfers to a location outside the European Union or to any international establishment governed by public international law or founded by two or more countries, for instance the UN, and about the security proceedings taken by the Data Controller to secure their Data.

If such a transfer occurs, Users can learn more by reviewing the relevant segments of this document or ask the Data Controller using the details found in the contact section.

Data Holding Period

Personal Data shall be processed and saved for the period of time necessitated by the justifiable purpose they have been collected for. Data is retained for up to 60 days, with anonymized data spanning up to 730 days for analytical purposes

Third Party Personal Data Processing

The Company assembles Personal Data with the use of the below services:


AimFox employs Analytics platforms to track its web traffic and gain better understanding of the User behavior.


Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage.

Place of processing: United States - Opt Out Link

Communication with the User

By signing up to the mailing list or for the newsletter, the User’s email address will be added to the list of contacts of those who might be sent email messages consisting of information of commercial or promotional type about this Website. The User email address could also be added to the contact list by signing up to the Website or due to making a acquisition.


Personal Data collected: Country, Email Address, First & Last Name

Place of processing: United States - Opt out inside the email using the Unsubscribe link

Showing content from outside platforms

Users can view content on our website through services supplied by external platforms. External platforms might gather web traffic data for pages where the service is present, even when Users do not use it.


Personal Data collected: Usage Data and different types of Data as written in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: United States - See their Privacy Policy

Payment Processing & Provision of Transactional Services

Payment suppliers allow AimFox to process Credit Card and Debit Card buys. AimFox shares only the data required to perform the transaction with the financial mediators handling the transaction. Transactions are created, conducted, and processed on a third-party website.


Personal Data collected: Name, Country, Billing Details, other Payment Data and different types of Data as written in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: United States

Web Infrastructure, Hosting Providers

This kind of service has the aim of hosting Data and files that allow this Website to operate and be distributed, and additionally to offer a ready-made infrastructure to run specific features or parts of AimFox. Few of these services work using geographically distributed servers, wich makes it harder to ascertain the actual location where the Personal Data are stored.


Personal Data collected: different kinds of Data as written in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: United States

Customer Service & Support Provision To The User

This type of service is meant for helping users with their queries regarding the Service provided by AimFox. Intercom is a customer service software. They are a fully GDPR compliant platform.


Personal Data collected: different kinds of Data as written in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: United States - See their Privacy Policy

Age consent and minimum age requirements

The Services AimFox provides are not available to minors under the age of 18. If a minor under the age of 18 has given us their information without an approving parent/guardian, please contact AimFox immediately.

User Rights & Privileges

Users can employ rights pertaining to the processing of their Personal Data by the Data Controller and/or the Company. Conditional on the protection standards of the region the User is in, the User may have the right to:

  • Extract Consent. Users may extract formerly given assent to the processing of their Personal Data.
  • Oppose Data Processing. Users have the right to oppose the processing of their Data if the processing is done on a legal basis other than consent.
  • Gain Access to Their Data. Users have the right to know if Data is being processed by the Data Controller, acquire disclosure pertaining to certain features of Data processing and get a copy of the Data being processed.
  • Validate and Ask Correction:Users have the right to validate the correctness of their Data and seek for it to be updated or corrected.
  • Limit Data Processing:Users have the right, under some circumstances, to limit the processing of their Data. In such cases, the Data Controller will refrain from processing their Data for any reason other than saving it.
  • Deleting Personal Data: Users have the right, under some circumstances, to require the deletion of their Data from the Data Controller.
  • Move their Data: Users have the right to get their Data in a commonly used and machine readable format and, if technically possible, to have it transferred to another controller without any delay. This is relevant when the Data is processed automatically and the processing is based on the User's agreement, on a contract which the User is part of or on pre-contractual obligations.
  • Submit Complaint: Users have the right to bring a complaint to their competent data protection authority.

The Right to Oppose Processing

Where Personal Data is processed for a public interest purpose, in the practice of an official authority trusted to the Data Controller or for the aims of the lawful interests pursued by the Data Controller, Users may oppose such processing by supplying a reason related to their specific situation to justify the opposition.

Users must note however, that, should their Personal Data be processed for direct marketing reasons, they can oppose that processing at all times without giving any reasoning. To know if the Data Controller is processing Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, Users can go to the relevant parts of this document.

Any appeals to use User rights can be sent to the Data Controller through the contact information given in this document. These appeals can be sent free of charge and will be reviewed by the Data Controller as soon as possible and always within one month.

Defining Wider Protection Standards Applicability

Most sections of this document concern all Users. Some sections only apply if the processing of Personal Data is under broader protection standards.

Such broader protection standards are applicable when the processing:

  • is done by an Data Controller based in the EU;
  • Is about the Personal Data of Users who are in the EU and is in relation to the offering of paid or unpaid goods or services, to such Users;
  • Is about the Personal Data of Users who are in the EU and enables the Data Controller to track such Users’ behavior taking place in the EU.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are mini text files that are sent by us to the User computer, and from the User computer or mobile device to us. Some of the purposes for which Cookies are installed might need the User's consent.

If the installation of Cookies is based on agreement, such agreement can be freely extracted at all times following the guidelines provided here.

Technical Cookies and Cookies used for aggregated statistical purposes

The Website of AimFox uses Cookies to store the User's session and to carry out other activities that are required for the website’s operation, for instance the distribution of traffic.

Activity re. Storing of Preferences, Optimizations, and Statistical Data

This Website uses Cookies to store browsing preferences and to optimize the User's experience. Among these Cookies are, for instance, cookies used for selecting language and currency preferences or for managing first party statistics used directly by the Data Controller of the site.

Cookies used by third parties

Several of the services to follow below collect statistics in an anonymized and aggregated form and may not need the agreement of the User or may be managed directly by the Data Controller.

If any third party services are among the platforms below, these might be employed to track Users’ browsing habits – in addition to the information specified here and without the Data Controller’s awareness. Please refer to the privacy policy of the listed services for more information.


Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: United States - Opt out link

Third-Party Cookies Notice

As the insertion of third-party Cookies and other tracking systems through the services used within this Website cannot be technically managed by the Data Controller, any particular references to Cookies and tracking systems inserted by third parties are to be seen as indicative. To get full information, the User needs to review the privacy policy for the relevant third-party services mentioned in this document.

With the objective difficulty in identifying technologies based on Cookies, Users are recommended to reach out to the Data Controller should they wish to receive any additional information on the use of Cookies by the Website.

Further Information on Data Collection & Data Processing

Legal Action

The User's Personal Data may be employed for legal purposes by the Data Controller in Court or in the proceedings leading to potential legal action as a result of inappropriate use of this Website or the related Services. The User states to be informed that the Data Controller might have to expose personal data if requested by public authorities.

Further information about User's Personal Data

Besides the information written in this privacy policy, this Website may supply the User with additional and contextual data regarding specific Services or the collection and processing of Personal Data upon inquiry.

System Logs

For operation and maintenance reasons, this Website and any third-party services may gather files that record interaction with this Website (System logs) use other Personal Data (such as the IP Address) for this end.

Details not mentioned in this Privacy Policy

More information regarding the gathering or processing of Personal Data can be asked for from AimFox at any time. Please see the contact details at the end of this document.

Do Not Track Appeals

The AimFox Website does not support “Do Not Track” requests. To know if any of the third-party services it uses supports “Do Not Track” requests, please review their privacy policies.

Updating the Privacy Policy

We may periodically update this privacy policy. If you continue using the Services we provide after changes are made, you hereby agree to our latest policy version.

Contact Information

If you have any inquiries about this Privacy Policy, please contact AimFox addressing the Data Controller as noted above in the segment Appointed Data Protection Officer / Data Controller".

We thank you for going through our Privacy Policy and are happy to have you as a visitor and customer!