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Organize and Explore Your LinkedIn Network

Dive deep into your LinkedIn network. Filter, tag, and note your connections for optimized organization, or reach out directly with just a few clicks.

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Organize and Explore Your LinkedIn Network

Upgrade Your Network Management

Filter Connections with Ease

Streamline your networking efforts with powerful filtering options. Our Leads Database lets you quickly sort connections by various parameters and identify key contacts. Simplify your search and focus your networking strategy effectively.

Tag and Note for Better Organization

Organize your LinkedIn connections like never before. Add personalized tags and notes to each contact. This feature enhances your ability to remember key details and follow up strategically, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Strike up conversations while it's hot

Multi-user support allows you to achieve consistent engagement across your team. You can personalize and uniform your follow-up processes, ensuring that every interaction is aligned and strategically focused, amplifying your LinkedIn campaign effects.

Ready to Amplify Team Productivity?

Your team's effectiveness and mission success depends on the tools you have at your disposal. Aimfox has many tools and tweaks strictly tailored to increase your team’s capabilities and effectiveness and provide the greatest outreach results.

Precision Networking Tools

Utilize advanced filters and tags to manage your LinkedIn network more effectively and reach your ideal connections.

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Organize Connections Smartly

Keep your network organized with tags and notes, making it simple to follow up on leads and maintain meaningful connections.

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Start The Conversation Confidently

A quick glimpse at a detailed profile view opens the door to learning more about your leads on their socials and starting highly personalized conversations instantly.

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Aimfox is a cloud-based web application. This eliminates the need for downloads or Chrome extensions. Simply sign up to get started and get connected with people!

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