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Powerful features

AimFox is packed with powerful features that will allow you to do LinkedIn automation effortlessly and efficiently.

Generate hot leads and engage with existing connections with personlised message sequences.

Define target audience using keywords, industries, locations and companies.

Our A.I. emulates human behaviour. LinkedIn will not raise any red flags.

Chat with your newly acquired leads straight from your AimFox dashboard.

Campaigns are automatically optimised for the best performance.

Track profile views, new invites, replies, new leads and much more.

With AimFox, you don't have to keep your computer running 24/7.

Experience all the premium features entirely for free and without any commitments!

AimFox substitutes all LinkedIn outreach tools. Save time by managing LinkedIn connections in one place.

Add as many LinkedIn accounts as you wish for a flat price per account.

LinkedIn outreach automation

Outreach Campaigns

Generate hot leads and create personalised message sequences for target audiences using our automated LinkedIn messaging software. Send custom InMail messages and connection requests to both existing connections and newly acquired ones.

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AimFox customer success hero next to service features tab
a picture of automated LinkedIn messaging tool, AimFox

Track campaign performance in real-time

Performance analytics are stats that overview how the LinkedIn outreach automation campaigns perform. Track profile views, new invites, replies, new leads and much more.

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a picture of analytics dashboard for AimFox which helps to automate LinkedIn prospecting
Automated LinkedIn Prospecting

Send personalised messages

Create custom templates and customize messages including recipients names into your InMail messages and connection requests. Just another cherry on the cake!

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A picture of AimFox personalised messages dashboard

Leads dashboard

Manage LinkedIn connections in one place. Sort them by campaigns, industries and keywords. Leads dashboard offers extensive personalisation. Make notes, create tags and manage lead status.

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An image of AimFox leads dashboard and a statistics bar which can be found within our LinkedIn outreach automation tool.

Multiple Account Support

Add as many LinkedIn accounts as you wish to your AimFox dashboard. No limitations or restrictions here! AimFox is a perfect tool for multi-account users such as marketing agencies, HR and sales teams.

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a picure of account statistics tab which can be found within AimFox LinkedIn automation software
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AimFox will help you find hundreds of new customers, employees or even business partners. Start your free 7-day trial now!

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