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About Aimfox

Do I need to download the Aimfox software on my device?

Aimfox is a cloud-based web application. This eliminates the need for downloads or Chrome extensions. Simply sign up to get started and get connected with people!

Do I need to have LinkedIn premium (Sales Navigator) in order to use Aimfox?

Aimfox is fully accessible without a LinkedIn paid subscription, offering an enhanced networking experience to every LinkedIn user.

Can I white-label Aimfox?

Aimfox currently doesn't support white-labeling but offers custom Enterprise plans for teams with large-scale needs. Feel free to contact us or learn more about the plans here!

We have a big sales team. Do you offer some custom plans?

Sure, just drop us a message at so we can queue you in on details of our tailored Enterprise plan for you.

How Aimfox helps me connect with leads on LinkedIn?

You can utilize the power of automated outreach by choosing different campaign types based on your specific goals and strategies. You can target your audience by LinkedIn Groups, Events, Posts, or you can fully simulate LinkedIn's Search to find a specific audience by Occupation, Location, etc. Additionally, you can upload a list of leads or a CSV document and begin automatically connecting with them in Aimfox.

When will I start seeing results with Aimfox?

You can sign up and create a campaign within minutes, after which you can expect the first results to appear within 24 hours. Thanks to our different targeting and audience filtering options, the prospects included in your campaign targeting batch will be carefully aligned with your expectations and needs. This means you're not just getting leads; you're getting the right leads.

Is Aimfox owned by LinkedIn?

Aimfox is an independent tool and not an official product associated with LinkedIn. All logos and trademarks related to LinkedIn are the sole property of LinkedIn. We invite you to explore Aimfox, keeping in mind that it functions separately from LinkedIn's own tools and services.


How can I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information by navigating to our software's 'Account Settings' section and selecting 'Billing.' From there, you can enter new payment details and save the changes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal and ApplePay.

Can I get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, receipts are automatically sent to your email address on file after each payment. You can access past receipts in your account's 'Billing History' section.

What should I do if my payment fails?

If your payment fails, please check if your card details are up to date and if your card issuer may be blocking the transaction. Try another payment method or contact your bank for further assistance.

Is there a fee for canceling my subscription?

No, there are no cancellation fees. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings. Access to premium features will continue until your current billing period ends.

Is there a refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our software for any reason, you can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Please note that this refund policy doesn't apply to yearly plans.

Product & Features

How does Aimfox send free InMails to leads?

Aimfox introduces you to the world of Open or Free InMails, a powerful feature allowing you to contact Premium LinkedIn users with Open profiles. This means you can reach out to them directly, starting new conversations, and the best part? You're surpassing LinkedIn restrictions and expanding your network smartly.

How does our message scheduling feature with time-zone optimization work?

Once the location is selected, the times your campaign will be delivered to your recipients work in the time-zone clients are in. The scheduling of the campaign can be adjusted to run daily, and it offers flexibility to modify settings while the campaign is active. Clients have the option to deactivate certain days as needed while the campaign progresses.

All you need to know about the simultaneous translation feature on Aimfox.

The Simultaneous Translation feature allows you to effortlessly expand your outreach by automatically translating your entire campaign to the language of the recipients' LinkedIn profiles. You have the flexibility to enable this feature with a simple toggle button, providing you with a user-friendly interface to enhance your campaign's effectiveness. Messages sent to your recipients will be translated into the language of their LinkedIn accounts, ensuring that your communication resonates effectively. Simultaneously, messages received from your contacts will be translated into the language of your LinkedIn account, creating a dynamic and comprehensive conversation experience.

How do we use AI to help you get the most out of your campaigns?

Incorporating ChatGPT-4 into your campaigns is an optional feature. Leveraging AI, specifically ChatGPT-4, enhances your campaigns. This is a feature we proudly offer at no extra cost. This decision reflects our commitment to providing you with top-tier tools, taking on any additional costs ourselves to ensure you have the best possible advantage in your LinkedIn networking. When you activate this AI functionality, it analyzes in detail the entirety of your target's LinkedIn profile. This includes their interests, experiences, skills, and publicly available information. By taking into account the gathered data, we feed the AI to generate personalized outreach messages tailored specifically to each target.

How does Aimfox work?

Aimfox automates your LinkedIn networking or any other lead generation and prospecting processes in a seamless cloud-based experience. The current version of Aimfox is mainly focused on outreach automation and lead management, with additional features focusing on content marketing and AI.

What happens when someone responds to my message?

When someone responds to a campaign, they're automatically muted to prevent further automated messages. We recommend frequently checking your inbox for replies to respond promptly!

Pricing and Plans

What plans do you offer and what are their costs?

We offer LinkedIn Outreach and LinkedIn CRM (free) plans. LinkedIn CRM plan is forever free, and the LinkedIn Outreach is only (comprehensive toolkit) $99/month

Do you offer a trial period?

Our LinkedIn CRM plan is free, and we offer a 14-day free trial for the Outreach plan, which gives you full access to all features Aimfox offers, no credit card required. After 14 days, you're still left with all the features from the LinkedIn CRM plan, which will play a pivotal role in how you'll approach and execute your networking strategy.

LinkedIn CRM plan vs. LinkedIn Outreach plan

Features with the LinkedIn CRM plan are part of your Aimfox experience and will be forever, whether you purchase the LinkedIn Outreach or not. By combining LinkedIn Outreach and LinkedIn CRM, the idea was to give you enough time to see how it works in practical use and what results it yields. Of course, once you experience the effect and capabilities of Aimfox you can make a judgment and stay on the free version, or level up and experience the full capacity of Aimfox software.

Privacy and Security

How do you protect my data?

We use industry-standard encryption to protect your data in transit and at rest. Our servers are hosted in secure facilities with 24/7 surveillance. At Aimfox, safeguarding your account is our paramount commitment, and you can trust that sharing your password with any representative or employee is entirely unnecessary. Your security is our top priority. We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations, and through advanced encryption protocols, we ensure that your data remains secure throughout its journey. The information is shared only in an end-to-end manner with LinkedIn and solely for the purpose of establishing the necessary connection to deliver our service. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security underscores every facet of our operations. We continually strive to provide a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in terms of safety and privacy.

Who has access to my LinkedIn account?

Your LinkedIn account remains private to you. Aimfox utilizes secure OAuth authentication, meaning you connect your LinkedIn account without needing to share your password with us. It's important to note that our customer support team only has access to your Aimfox account, not directly to your LinkedIn account.

What data do you collect from my LinkedIn profile?

We collect only the data necessary to provide our services, such as your connections, profile information, and conversations.

Is Aimfox safe? If I use Aimfox, do I make myself more susceptible to getting banned from LinkedIn?

Aimfox uses random intervals between automated actions, ensuring a seamless integration that maintains the integrity of your user experience. Unlike other tools, Aimfox operates without altering LinkedIn's user interface or exposing any code publicly, aligning closely with a user-first approach to automation.

Do I have to provide my password to Aimfox?

Yes, in order to connect your Aimfox account with your LinkedIn account, you need to log in to your LinkedIn account by providing us with your password. Understand that Aimfox doesn't have access to your password due to the encryption and protection system that makes Aimfox

Does the Aimfox support team have access to the platform?

Rest assured, Aimfox's support team does not engage in unauthorized user data exploration. Their access is permission-based and restricted to technical and support-related functionalities. They cannot browse or view your campaigns, messages, or any other sensitive information.

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