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Integrate LinkedIn contacts for efficient tracking, boost engagement rates, and streamline follow-ups for superior connection management. Build a bridge between connections and true interactions.

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User-friendly tools for organization

Leads management tools that combine personalization and lead organization under one roof, making it simpler to tailor interactions and efficiently manage contacts for growth.

Integrated inbox

Consolidate communication and management in one place. Easily engage with your LinkedIn connections while tagging them and leaving notes for future reference.

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Leads database

A place where you can take a better look at your LinkedIn connections. Filter them out by different parameters, add notes and tags for better organization, or message them in a few clicks.

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Multi-User Support

Empower each team member to play a pivotal role in your outreach efforts. Streamline campaign collaboration, monitor connection statuses effortlessly, and organize consistent follow-up engagement.

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Integration Made Simple, Success Made Certain

Aimfox's easy integration via Zapier or our native webhooks brings all your tools under one roof, making your workflow as efficient as possible.

Frequently asked questions.

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Do you offer a trial period?

Our LinkedIn CRM plan is free, and we offer a 14-day free trial for the Outreach plan, which gives you full access to all features Aimfox offers, no credit card required. After 14 days, you’re still left with all the features from the LinkedIn CRM plan.

How does Aimfox help me connect with leads on LinkedIn?

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We have a big team. Do you offer some custom plans?

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