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Outreach can be time-consuming and boring. We provide something else. A pleasant and user-friendly environment where connecting, finding new opportunities, and growing your circle becomes a fun and rewarding journey.

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Craft Your Perfect Outreach Campaign

Search for people you want to connect with right inside the app. You can use different filters and campaign types to find exactly who you're looking for.

Different campaign types

Choose from various campaign types designed to meet your goals and strategy. Optimize your LinkedIn outreach and prepare it for scaling.

Search campaign. cover photo

Search campaign. Find your ideal audience on LinkedIn and engage with them by sending connection requests and optional message sequences. Make sure you reach out to the most relevant prospects you can.

Post campaign. cover photo

Post campaign. Target users engaged with specific LinkedIn posts. You can segment them further based on reactions, comments, or shares, making your outreach even more personalized and effective!

Event campaign. cover photo

Event campaign. Reach out to attendees of any specific LinkedIn events. Starting with a topic like this can be the perfect icebreaker for meaningful professional conversations.

Group campaign. cover photo

Group campaign. Target members of any specific LinkedIn group and start engaging with them. Increase the number of valuable conversations by reaching out to the most promising contacts.

List campaign. cover photo

List campaign. Import LinkedIn profile URLs and launch targeted connection requests, followed by strategic DMs to nurture new connections.

Customized campaigns

Create and launch fully customized campaigns to generate leads around the clock effortlessly. Personalize your outreach with AI and auto-translation options, and split-test your message templates to figure out what works best.

Follow up messages. cover photo

Follow up messages. Incorporate follow-up sequences and leverage them to engage your leads while they are “hot”. Your sequence stops as soon as you get the response.

Messages personalization. cover photo

Messages personalization. Message personalization lets you open conversations that urge responses. Complement your messages, and you're guaranteed to impress.

AI personalization. cover photo

AI personalization. Enrich your outreach with GPT-4-driven personalization of your campaign messages. Give us a basic template, and watch the magic unfold.

Auto-translate. cover photo

Auto-translate. Break down language barriers effortlessly. Get your messages auto-translated to your recipient's preferred language, enabling easy and fast communication across the globe.

Campaigns schedule. cover photo

Campaigns schedule. Leverage the power of perfect timing. Schedule your campaigns to ensure your message stands out in a crowded inbox.

Split testing. cover photo

Split testing. Dive into the world of what-ifs with split testing. See which message templates click with your audience and which are better left unsaid.

In-depth analytics - Make strategic decisions

Keep track of campaign performance and make informed decisions about your next steps. It's always nice to see your conversion rates going up!

Performance Optimization

A comprehensive suite of optimization tools designed to keep your LinkedIn outreach efficient and effective. Convert strategy into success with every campaign.

InMail Optimization

Bypass LinkedIn's weekly connection request limits by reaching out to your target audience directly through InMails. Your targets can receive InMails only if they have “enabled” that option.

InMail Optimization GraphicInMail Optimization Graphic

Connection Requests Optimization

Reduce the chance of hitting the maximum weekly connection requests cap and scale your outreach campaigns. This optimization can only be used if Aimfox can find your Target's LinkedIn email.

Connection Requests Optimization GraphicConnection Requests Optimization Graphic

Time-Zone Optimization

Pick the ideal time for your messages to be sent, and Aimfox will ensure they're delivered in your target's time zone. Simplify your scheduling, eliminating the guesswork of global timing.

Time-Zone Optimization GraphicTime-Zone Optimization Graphic

Frequently asked questions.

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Do you offer a trial period?

Our LinkedIn CRM plan is free, and we offer a 14-day free trial for the Outreach plan, which gives you full access to all features Aimfox offers, no credit card required. After 14 days, you're still left with all the features from the LinkedIn CRM plan, which will play a pivotal role in how you'll approach and execute your networking strategy.

How does Aimfox help me connect with leads on LinkedIn?

How do we use AI to help you get the most out of your campaigns?

How does Aimfox send free InMails to leads?

How does Aimfox help me connect with leads on LinkedIn?

How does our message scheduling feature with time-zone optimization work?

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